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Nullvektor / 27 Apr 3305
Plans for the future

This return trip has given me the unique oppurtunity to start planning for my next expedition before I'm even on it. How efficient! Here's what I've gleaned as being necessary equipment from the DW2 expedition:

Outside of mandatory upgrades to the FSD and weight-shaving exercises, here's what I used:

- Class 1 AFM
- Class 1 Repair Limpet
- Class 2G SRV
- Class 3D shield generator

I did not need much in the way of cargo space since I set out with no limpets and synthesized what I needed; there's no point in synthesizing more limpets than the repair controller can govern at any one time, anyway. The same goes for the AFM. Despite some hamfisted flying and committing the cardinal sin of not checking the planet's gravity BEFORE I attempted to land, I still have yet to hit the halfway point of refreshing my AFM stores. Hence, I don't need to devote much space to cargo racks next time.

I also did not set out with a full store of premium FSD materials-- nor did I need to! Proper use of all available planning materials will make finding materials that much easier.

What I should not have packed:
- Extra cargo racks. It's simple-- I just didn't use them. I only really needed 5 spaces for cargo. The extra racks only add to the insurance costs.

What I should pack next time:

- An extra AFM. If I'm stripping out cargo racks I can easily slot another class 1 AFM instead, and it'll at least keep the AFMs healthy.
- A fighter bay. A scout ship is both fun and has moderate value; I can easily scan geosites from altitude without having to land or precariously balance the tip of my ship on a geosite while having to battle gravity.
- A SRV bay with expanded capacity. I had to make a round-trip backtrack of 14,000ly to replace a SRV that I accidentally destroyed. I'll take the minor weight and range penalty if it means I don't have to take the major time and range penalty of backtracking.
- A guardian FSD booster. Vanilla engineering can only get you so far. I do, however, need to get back to the bubble to obtain this item.

The desire for a fighter bay necessitates the a different ship. Currently I can scrape out a 50ly jump out of the _Orchid Dreaming_ if I'm running on fumes, but I'll spend some time with schematics and possible builds to see what can fit my needs the best. I admire the aesthetics of the Gutamaya line, but obtaining those ships also means that much more work; however, if I'm in the bubble to collect the guardian blueprints, I have the oppurtunity to get access to the Imperial range of ships. Their other drawback? Inferior jumprange. If I can't get over a 45ly range with a FSD booster in a different ship I won't consider it.

But I'm still over 25,000 light years away from Explorer's Anchorage, so I've got more time to plan.
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