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Jav Marlo / 29 Apr 3305


28 APRIL 3305 Legacy Crater (Beagle Point)

This is commander Jav Marlo, recording this log onboard the Hyperion. I have just made it to the Seldowitch Nebula, in system Thuecheae WR-H D11-54, a small emission nebula with a neutron star as its core located in the Galactic Aphelion region. The nebula glows in bright spectral lines of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen because of the intense radiation of the neutron star itself and from several massive stars in the vicinity. The place is named after the Russian physicist and astronomer Jakow Seldowitch, who studied on the effects of cosmic background radiation and the greater cosmic structures, including black holes.

The Hyperion at the Seldowitch Nebula (Thuecheae WR-H D11-54)

There are no landable bodies here, and it has been quite a trip, so I am looking for a place with a nice view to land and rest. There it is. A ringed world in Thuecheae BW-L c24-17.

The Hyperion landed at Thuecheae BW-L c24-17 observing the Seldowitch Nebula


Resuming log. Very near to the Seldowitch Nebula is the Fly Trap Nebula, in system Pyrivo HW-V e2-8.

The Fly Trap Nebula observed from Pyrivo GX-P B24-0 A

The nebula just contains a very treacherous black hole, hence its name.

The black hole inside the Fly Trap Nebula (Pyrivo HW-V e2-8)

Still in the Pyrivo sector, I have made quite a discovery. An Earth-like World. Here, in the Formorian Frontier, system Pyrivo ZS-K C24-0 contains a beautiful and undiscovered ELW.

The Hyperion discovering an Earth-like World in system Pyrivo ZS-K C24-0


Resuming log. I have made a small detour to claim what I thought it might be an undiscovered black hole, and I was right. There was a black hole with five solar masses in system Pyrivo EG-Y g0. Here, so far from the galactic core, the black hole creates a quite remarkable lensing effect when approached from the opposite side of the galaxy.

The black hole at Pyrivo EG-Y g0


Resuming log. I have found a couple of Wolf-Rayet stars here, so far from the core, but they had already been discovered.

The Hyperion flying around a Wolf-Rayet star in system Nyauthou AA-A h39


Resuming log. I finally made it to system Chua Eop ZC-T c20-0, the Lone Star. The furthest known point that a 'stock' Sidewinder reached prior to the 'Jumponium & Engineering' era. This incredible deed was performed by commander R4nger0 onboard his ship, the Sneaky Pete. It took him eleven weeks back in 3301 to reach this far from Sol. Alas, he could not made it through the Abbyss. On his way back he met commander Erimus Kamzel at Rendezvous Point.

The Hyperion at the Lone Star (Chua Eop ZC-T c20-0)

The system has three gas giants with many landbale moons. I think I will find myself a nice campsite.

The Hyperion landed at Chua Eop ZC-T c20-0 2 A


Resuming log. I have arrived to system Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0, also known as Thomaski Point Memorial. Named in honour of commander Thomaski, a veteran of the Galactic Nebula Expedition of September 3302. Commander Thomaski had a goal of reaching Beagle Point, and after several attempts he achieved that goal on June 3rd 3303 with only 9% hull remaining. On his return journey to Colonia, sadly Commander Thomaski (Bob) passed away. His last known location being Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0 on the edge of the Scutum-Centaurus arm after successfully navigating his way back across the Abyss and into denser regions of the Galactic Aphelion.

In September 3303 Universal Cartographics (Frontier Developments) deployed a memorial beacon at Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0 in honour of this intrepid explorer. In late September 3303, an expedition to Beagle Point to honour the memory of Commander Thomaski was organised by Commanders Harry Palmer and Narzgul, and a flotilla of ships gathered at the Thomaski Point beacon before setting out to cross the Abyss.

O7, commander Thomasky.

The Hyperion at Thomaski Point Memorial (Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0)


Resuming log. I have arrived to system Cheae Euq ER-L c21-0, also known as the Grand Rings. I am in the middle of the Abbyss now and, so far, the Hyperion has proved itself to be able to navigate this treacherous region of space with no major problems. Stars are very scarce now, and it is quite difficult to flight straight towards a destination, but the ship is behaving remarkably.

According to the Galactic Mapping Project database, the third gas giant of this system has a close orbiting moon providing spectacular views of the gas giant and ring system. The location was designated by Universal Cartographics as a tourist location and a navigational reference is available during visits.

I am so close to Beagle Point now.

The Hyperion at the Grand Rings (Cheae Euq ER-L c21-0)


Resuming log. I have made a detour to pass by system Pyrie Eurk QX-U e2-0, also known as the Distant View in Blue. This planetary nebula, with a black hole at its core, offers a stunning and unique view of the galaxy as seen from the void between the Sagittarius-Carina and Scutum-Centaurus arms.

The Hyperion at the Distant View in Blue (Pyrie Eurk QX-U e2-0)


Resuming log. I have made it to system Streau Eop ZP-N c23-0, the Calidum Capsicum Annuum. A four star system located on the far side of the Abyss region. Around the primary star there orbits a curiously misshapen orange-red potato-like world. Being only eight light seconds distant from the star it is being constantly baked; and with an orbital period of just over a day, it is travelling very quickly. Quite difficult to land on it. I had to chase it.

The Hyperion chasing the “Hot Red Potato” (Streau Eop ZP-N c23-0)

It was difficult, but I have found myself a nice camping site among the geysers. Hopefully, this will be my last rest before Beagle Point.

The Hyperion landed at the “Hot Red Potato” (Streau Eop ZP-N c23-0)


Resuming log. I am in system Myeia Thaa ZE-R d4-0, also known as Podar. This system is unique in several aspects. First, it contains a ringed Earth-Like World, second this world has three satellite moons, and third its situated on the far edge of the Abyss, making it a possible oasis of life in an otherwise desolate region. Discovered in mid-3301, it is one of only a few ELWs so far located in the Galactic Outer Rim regions.

The Hyperion at Podar (Myeia Thaa ZE-R d4-0)


Resuming log. Back on track to Beagle Point, I have arrived to system Iorant JH-D c12-0, or Iorant Depot. It is located just south of Beagle Point and represents an excellent opportunity to stuck up on materials before traversing the last and difficult part of a journey there. It was surveyed by the Rock Rats during the Distant Worlds Expedition of 3302. One of the aims of the expedition was to establish a galactic highway of jumponium-rich systems.

From here, I can see the whole Galaxy all in front of me.

Jav Marlo onboard the Hyperion at Iorant Depot (Iorant JH-D c12-0)


Resuming log. I am in front of the tourist buoy of VonRictofen’s Rescue.  A location where an epic deep space rescue occurred, back in November 3302. Commander Macedonica was returning home from Beagle Point, but he became stranded here when a miscalculation of Germanium resources meant he could not make a jumponium jump to the next system on his route through the Solitude Void. His distress signal was picked up by Commander Chiggy VonRictofen, who was sixty thousand light years away! Rigging his ship out with a mining laser, VonRictofen set out on an epic journey across the galaxy to help the stranded Commander Macedonica seek the badly needed Germanium. To commemorate this historic event, Universal Cartographics renamed Iorant JN-S c17-0 to VonRictofen's Rescue in March 3303.

Beagle Point is just ten jumps away.

The Hyperion at VonRictofen’s Rescue tourist buoy (VonRictofen's Rescue)


Resuming log. I have made it. I cannot believe it. I am at Beagle Point. I am checking the navigation map. Yes. I am here. Beagle Point. After more than one hundred days. I have finally arrived.

Jav Marlo checking in his navigation map that he has arrived to Beagle Point

This is it! This is the culmination of this incredible journey. I am exhausted. I have travelled more than twenty thousand light years in the last week. I cannot think with clarity now. But I am exultant too.

I better find the basecamp of Legacy Crater and take some rest. I do not want to make a fatal mistake now.

Hey! There are other commanders flying around the system. O7 commanders.

I have found the crater in the second moon where the camp is. I see no other commanders landed there, but it does not matter. I know I am not alone.

I have landed. Securing the ship. All systems nominal. I want to finish this record before I fall asleep.  

This is commander Jav Marlo onboard the Hyperion landed at Legacy Crater, in Beagle Point, in the farther side of the galaxy. The final waypoint of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition.

Beagle Point, one of the most distant star systems currently surveyed at 65,279 LYs from Sol.
This system marked the end of the line for Commander Erimus Kamzel's Distant Suns extreme-range survey mission during the very early days of deep space exploration, and marked the first recorded galactic crossing culminating in mid-January 3301. Unofficially nick-named Beagle Point at the time by the exploration community after Kamzel's intrepid starship that first discovered it, the DSS Beagle, the system has subsequently become a point of interest that has been visited by many explorers conducting their own survey missions of the galactic outer rim regions.

And I am now one of these explorers too. This has been an incredible Journey of Discovey.

O7 commanders.

Jav Marlo signing out.

The Hyperion landed at Legacy Crater in Beagle Point
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