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Commander-Wingnut / 02 May 3305


The story of Commander Wingnut's last great marathon versus the Thargoids on his road towards Combat Elite.

It all starts with 'Coffey's Mug,' fighter pilot Buck Cross, and the local NPC-AXWING. By the time we see the end of this, your jaw will hit the floor .

First of an estimated four parts, which tries its best to compress nearly TWO HOURS of a single in-game battle into something remotely watchable.


Ritalin Warning
- raw footage; the really cool camera shit comes after I've finished warming up. You should secure a [Refreshing Beverage] and [Really Awesome Headphones], especially if you're gonna try watching these all at once.

Due to the 'rules' of time compression (presented near the beginning of the video), this starts off slow before picking up momentum. There is no avoiding that.

But the longer you stick with it, the better it gets.

"Do you not notice it yet?"
"What's that?"
"This CZAX. It's not like the others we've seen before."

Tanner frowned and leaned back from her telepresence cubicle to look into Vega's.

"How's that?"

"The activity isn't confined to a tight bubble; I'm counting at least four, no, five separate combat zones. The Commander isn't in a square fight."

"You're right," Tanner bit her lip in bemusement and took a closer look. This was a shot from the bridge camera - they could see the Commander, his chair flanked by two more empty ones.

The angle changed to offer a glimpse out of the canopy - every few seconds, the stroke of the fight outside seemed to transform.


At one moment, the ships of the NPC-AXWING were saving the day, pummeling a Scout into submission with sustained AXMC fire.


The next, they were nowhere to be seen, and it was only Wingnut and Buck against as many as six Scouts.


Then there would be a quiet neighborhood among miles of wreckage, to take the time to cook off the caustic damage, while Buck poked and prodded at distant, nosy Scouts.


Then all of a sudden, he was back in the thickest of it, shrugging off missiles and furiously punching out at the closest Marauder. Buck, of course, was off his leash, stinging and biting at whatever he could reach.

The Yellow Bastard was, of course, in full character today.


"Far as I can see, there's nothing consistent about this conflict zone at all. The Pilots Federation is clearly not in control this time. Why would Wingnut wanna go head-first into a mess like this by himself?"

"More importantly," Vega replied in a hushed voice. "How far is he willing to go?"


32 minutes of real-time has elapsed since the fight began.

Last we left off, just over an hour of game time had been compressed into around nineteen minutes. HAXCUP "Coffey's Mug" is reaching the limits of her endurance.

The battle continues to escalate, and eventually HAXCUP is driven away from the NPC-AXWING, alone, battered, and surrounded.

An important decision needs to be made.

Wingnut is eventually talked down from his place of madness. After returning to the ADF Ares to repair and restock, HAXCUP lifts off again in pursuit of the last 1%.

Simmering instead with quiet rage, Wingnut disengages the Supercruise and drops into Priviatem's CZAX-02 for what would be the last time; Interceptors or not.


Thanks for sticking it out this far, especially if you've already watched all three of the other videos. Here's the thrilling finale to OVERTIME MODE

Do you like it?

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