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Worldbuilder92 / 02 May 3305
Entry 05: Stranded

Day 25
Current System: HIP 4099

We woke up today to discover a nasty little surprise; apparently, the Gnosis’ engines were tampered with, resulting in us making a massive mis-jump and winding up way out of range. With the engines down, we’re gonna be stranded out in deep space for a while.

All the exploration pilots I met were talking like it was the goddamn end of the world, even though we were planning on coming out this far anyway!!! Ugh...
I took the voice of reason, and explained that at worst we’d be out of range for a bit longer; the Gnosis does this all the time, and they have enough onboard accommodations to last a lifetime, if needed. But it’s hard to be the one lone voice of clarity amidst a sea of pessimism. Sheesh, even at my lowest, I never was this thick-headed!


I’m gonna be scanning the system for a full day, and go exploring the planet Gnosis is now orbiting. Sensors show there’s some good mining materials down there, maybe I might find something fun to explore.

Sometimes, I wish Leo hadn’t been programmed to be so fucking cynical...
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