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Jaykay / 04 May 3305
Log 20 Recovered - Madness is creeping in

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2 APR 3305

Don’t feel like writing these anymore, just tired and irritable. Probably for the best that I don’t have a co-pilot, we’d be at each other’s throats by now. Well, maybe writing and getting my thoughts out might help.

These past two weeks have been part of the mapping survey stage of the expedition and has covered an area from the Boreas Expanse to the Aphelion. The nav computer had the direct route being 14,456 ly!

Space madness is always joked about between explorers, but I am pretty sure I have some form of it now. Jump, scan, manoeuvre, scoop, stop, check scan, jump and repeat... The whole process just happening by my sub conscious now, I've often come around out of a semi awake state realising that I'd just done 50 jumps and not remembering any of them.

I have no idea how many jumps and the distance I have actually covered, and I am losing track of time now. You obviously have to go by the clock in the cockpit in space as there are no days or weeks just numbers counting up on a digital display. If you don't keep track and sleep when you should the body just gets confused. I slept for 19 hours "yesterday" but not sure if I feel better for it or not.

I did break the tedium and super cruised over to scan a few water worlds, ammonia worlds and even a couple of earth likes. I took the SRV out for a spin too on two different moons which did feel good and reset my mental state somewhat. It's reassuring to have real mass like a planet or moon under you from time to time.

One more stint to the last and final waypoint, number 12, Beagle Point, hope I stay sane and don’t end up having another argument with Celeste…. Did I just refer to the ship computer by name?
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