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Mike Probably / 31 Jan 3305
Thorn in my Side

Like I said. I felt that sting before.

Some CMDR I met over drinks made this joke. Seeing that thousands of our best went to the far side, he commented that this would be the perfect moment for the Thargoids to strike. My smile was too ragged. Later, the sleep would not come.

So, I set out. Flew a patrol. Just so that I could sleep again. Just to see. Something like 7500LYs out, kind of a triangle in the Second and Third Quadrant, Orion Complex, Wayfarers Graveyard, kind of where I would expect them to show.

Did not work. Or worked perfectly, however you want to look at it. Non-human signal sources left, right, and center.
They were coming. And what was left of the smile turned bitter.

Made one mistake, too. Had another look at those barnacles.

Needed the alloys. They were not inclined to let me part with them.
And the Probably Gone’s hull was no match to their sting.

Disaster struck in a matter of seconds.

Do you like it?

CMDR's logbook

CMDR Mike Probably
Explorer / Researcher
27 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – core breach
Mike Probably
21 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 - eye to eye
Mike Probably
13 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – gone, then back
Mike Probably
24 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - broken
Mike Probably
20 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - breaking
Mike Probably
18 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07
Mike Probably
31 Jan 3305
Thorn in my Side
Mike Probably
18 Jan 3305
Speared by Guardian Tech
Mike Probably
09 Jan 3305
It does NOT come in black?!
Mike Probably
04 Jan 3305
I felt that sting before
Mike Probably
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