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J Vinton / 13 May 3305
2 Hours. That's all it took.

So, I had this huge elaborate log planned for about 3 weeks now, kept trying to update drafts and add new things to it, when it dawned on me that I was wasting my proverbial time.

After Blak picked me up 3 weeks ago, we decided to grind the rocks till it was the end of the season. The Consortium was able to take gold in the Trade event, beating several other squadrons who were hot on out heels.  None could match our earning prowess, nor our desire to crush the competition. Won ourselves some bragging rights and a cute little gold trophy we can use as a dashboard decoration "yippie"

Me and Blak had been discussing taking a trip into the void to visit that new station the DWE guys built near the centre, and since the season is officially over and we are taking this current season off, it seemed like a good opportunity to once again crack past the bubble and into the void of Intergalactic space.

Last time I made it out towards Colonia/ Galactic Centre, my poor old Conda "The Odyssey of Dallas" had a measly 39 LY range, I thought I was making great time (took me two weeks to just reach Colonia alone).  This time, however, I bumped her up to a respectable 69 LY range, A damn good improvement in my eyes if I say so myself.  Since it was obvious my old route wasn't going to cut it this time, Blak relayed to me a route that cuts through a neutron cloud that stretches for almost 25k light years.  

"We're taking the neutron highway since your Conda can keep up with mine (80 LY range)" bellowed Blak.

With eyes as wide as a Thargoid Interceptor I nodded and smiled "So, it wont take me two weeks this time?"

"More like 2 hours V, Strap in..."

The view inside a twirling Neutron star jet reminds me of Surfing back on Earth, Getting caught inside that washing machine spin is both Euphoric and Dangerous at the same time. Within seconds Jefferson gives me the all clear "Frame Shift Drive Supercharged" I look at my jump screen to notice a whopping 285 LY range.  "HOLY SHIT" I yelled, the Echo brewing amongst the cold steel of Dallas' Hull.

"Told you this would be worth it V' Blak said.

"Indeed it is, now.. enough talk.. we got 22k LY to jump, now let's get to it..."

It literally only took us 2 solid hours of jumping, 2... That's pretty insane if you actually stop and consider what me and him just accomplished. Going almost 22k in under 2 hours. Some commanders can't even make it to the Orion Nebula in 2 hours, and we went 22k LY.

Fucking Mind Boggling...

We're here at Jaques getting Integrity Repairs. My AFMU needed to be restocked as well, Only issue with constant Neutron jumping is the toll it takes on your poor FSD. Signing off here, We're gonna spend the night In Colonia before we head out to the Centre in the AM. Blak has told me with the Neutron Cloud extending into the Centre, it shouldn't take us more than an Hour before we hit Explorer's Anchorage.

Vinton Signing Out....
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