Logbook entry

Xhaler / 23 May 3305

As this epic expedition now has come to an end for me and my arrival at Beagle Point has both been confirmed and approved by the expedition organizers, it is time to start the long journey home. However, I'm certainly not going to hurry straight back to the bubble, but will take the time to explore some areas along the eastern edge to visit Voyager's Reach and continue south following the Sagittarius Carina Arm.

Before leaving Beagle Point I spent a few days revisiting "Salome's Reach" at Semotus Beacon. Semotus Beacon is the most distant reachable system from Sol (65,647.34 LY's) and Salome's Reach, located on planet 9 F is 134 000LS further north of the main star. It has a nice blueish surface with some mountains and canyons and the view of the galaxy from here is nothing but stunning!! Located about 550LY's from Beagle Point, but requires a few boost jumps to get there.
Definetely a must to visit while staying at BP as your name also will be added to the EDSM POI visitors list!!

On all my previous (long distance) journey's I've been traveling alone with no deadlines or waypoints, so it was nice, but also a bit strange to be on my own "RelahX'ing" pace again. Even if Distant Worlds 2 has been nothing but a fantastic journey and the one that I've enjoyed the most, it is also a great feeling to yet again decide my own path with no time limits or scheduled arrivals anymore.

At 5700LY's east of Beagle Point, on my way to "Voyagers Reach" I had a nice revisit to my "Solitude Worlds" POI which was discovered during my previous trip to BP. The system was reported to GMP and has one Earth-like world and three waterworlds.

Landed on C 2 A for the night and left a little Guardian "souvenir" before leaving the next day (maybe I'll find it on my next visit)

18.05.3305 - VOYAGER'S REACH
From "Solitude Worlds" I have continued south along the Sagittarius Carina arm and stopped by for a revisit to "Restless Silence"; another nice discovery I did on my last trip. The system contains three waterworlds and one Ammonia world.

From here I plotted a 5000 LY's course straight east and almost every system on the route was undiscovered, finding a few Neutron stars, Ammonia worlds and a lot of waterworlds. After a long day in the cockpit I finally arrived "Voyager's Reach" late at night and found a landing site with a great view of the galaxy. My plan ahead is to continue following the outer edge along "Viatori Patuit" to look for some more great undiscovered places.

Two weeks has passed since leaving Beagle Point and the epic Distant Worlds 2 expedition is just a nice "Distant" memory. After traveling almost 30 000LY's reaching the eastern edge of the galaxy, I am now at the top of the "Viatori Patuit" arm. Most of the systems in this desolated area are undiscovered territory, so almost every system is a new one. My next point of interest was "Thanduc's Retreat"; a black hole system 650LY's above the galactic plane with some very nice visual effects on the galaxy. The system might be hard to reach for ships with lower jumprange and jumponium might be required, but the system is definetely worth a visit.

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