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Alex S. North / 12 May 3305
Galactic Roadtrip - Part 2

Establishing Connection...
Connected. Sending Handshake...
Handshake Sent.
Code 10 Received. Secure Connection Established.
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Galactic Roadtrip - Part 2
CMDR: Alex S. North
Recording Date: May 10th 3305 13:05 (3302/05/10)
Location: Unknown
Scanned 200 planets so far, long journey... Had to make my way back to inhabited space for supplies around the 150 mark. Decided to pop by Robigo, Kuk, Eurybia, and Yoru... It is said the factions there play an important role for some contacts I'll need down the line, figured I'd use the cartographic data to get in good graces with said factions. Worked like a charm! They even threw me a little party and gave me some supplies for my further expedition!

It was great, free supplies, decent payouts, made some friends in high places, several birds with 1 stone, and I'm close to having the Pilot's Federation Elite Exploration rank, what's not to like?

Resuming log at 12/05/3305
I scanned over 300 planets... I am so close to being considered Elite I can almost taste it, my estimates are that I need to scan 20 more systems to get it over the finish line... But I am getting so sick of this constant scanning... And to make matters worse, I got stuck on the mail slot railings earlier too! I let the station know I was stuck and required aid, but they promptly ignored me, blew up my ship! Fined me for loitering and sent me off to a detention facility! The nerves! I'll be glad to never come by there ever again!

Resuming log at 12/05/3305 12:28
Oh snap! This datapad is a goldmine! 320 planets and I now belong to the Galactic Elite! Went to a nearby station to turn in the data and instantly got an invite to Founders World! Shinrarta Dezhra permit received! I'd love to go see what the fuzz on this system is all about, but if all the other data in here is to be useful, I should try this info on the Federation and Empire first, since this might be the first to become outdated.

Closing Connection...
Connection Closed.

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