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Worldbuilder92 / 12 May 3305
Entry 07: Silence

Day 35
Current System: Prooe Dryeia XP-X d1-0

The system we've found ourselves in has turned out to be a good mining spot; plenty of Void Opals, plenty of places to explore! Such a shame that the Gnosis isn't outfitted for mining/refining, otherwise we could turn a pretty penny out here...
BTW, we fixed our drives. No surprise there...

...it's been so quiet since the other pilots left. My only company as of late has been Dalvon, who decided to stick around as well, and the scientists who live aboard the ship. Since the bulk of the so-called "explorers" decided to bail to the nearest hotel after the drives were sabotaged, we now have way more supplies than needed. We could stay out here for years, if we wanted.

I'm honestly kinda relieved that such educated people are here on Gnosis. One of the lab assistants here does standup, we all had a laugh hearing her stories and misadventures. Was probably one of the highlights of the week. After the bail, it's been kinda... ionno, I've just felt such a lack of motivation. What's the point of exploring with friends if there's no friends to explore with?

I haven't heard from Hotshot in a couple days... maybe he got caught up on his own adventure, ionno...
...I've never before noticed how quiet space can be...
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CMDR Worldbuilder92
Explorer / Trader
09 Jun 3305
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12 May 3305
Entry 07: Silence
05 May 3305
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02 May 3305
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26 Apr 3305
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19 Apr 3305
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12 Apr 3305
Entry 01: Orientation and Musings
10 Apr 3305
Entry 00: Gnosis
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