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Korzhakov / 13 May 3305
Nothing to see here, move along...

I really wish these was a setting in the navacomputer that simply read "interesting, with fuel"...

Sitting in the chair, with about 16,000ly to go on my current route before making the next course adjustment to explore in between two of the galactic arms and then the final leg back home to Colonia. I find my course is brown dwarf to brown dwarf. "Nothing to see here, move along" is how I feel, thankfully I've only had to make manual jumps a couple of times for fuel, most of the other legs I get a red dwarf, or a yellow orange star for gas before running out.

When I do get a system with something other than icy bodies, they have been proving pretty interesting. I filled up on polonium last night, and picked up a nice amount of tungsten and antimony. Funny, I never suspected that I would be returning with far more materials than I left with. But I am full on most of them and only need a few more on about 5 and only 2 are still fairly low, such as zirconium and antimony.

It is still fascinating to see so much of the galactic disc in my canopy, but it's taking up more and more of it. Not like at Beagle where the whole galaxy took up a small portion of the view-able area.

I am going to need to set down for a couple of days soon for some routine upkeep on the Karelian Dawn, she's looking pretty rough on the outside, but the insides are still nice and shiny. Going to find myself a nice little moon with just the right amount of gravity and a temp in the 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit range, want to be able to walk around outside for a thorough inspection of the hull. Plus it would be nice to set up my chair and just relax outside of the ship and not in the SRV for the first time in a good while, as it's the little things like this that keep the space madness at bay.
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