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J Vinton / 14 May 3305
Jefferson. The Best COVAS.

Been 2 days since my last log entry at Jaques, Blak and I managed to ride the Neutron cloud all the way to Sag A, only took us about 45 minutes of hard jumping. I did get a bit distracted by a nebulae full of LaGrange clouds and some weird spike things. Turns out, according to Blak, they're Rubicundum Metallic Spikes... they did have this bizarre red hue to them that stood out against the Orange glow of the La Grange cloud.

Blak wanted to see Sag A, so I indulged him. Kinda funny, the centre of the Galaxy is BORING!! I mean, yea its a MASSIVE black hole, but that's it. Nothing interesting, just a giant hole. Sort of like an overused galactic prostitute. To make matters even more sillier, it's being used as a battleground for the myriad of new factions that have sprung up in and around Explorers Anchorage.

At least we got treated to a nice little laser light show.

We both lost track of time idling our ships by Sag A, a good 3 hours had passed and we hadn't even made it to Explorers Anchorage yet. I hailed Blak and had to wake his ass up (turns out he has a cot set up right next to his helm chair.

"Bro, we've been here for 3 hours, Jesus" Neither of us had really slept in 2 days, both with the season ending grind, and trying to get last minute Engineering done. Then, I swear he's like an A.I. Mom, Jefferson decides to chime in:

"A Healthy Sleep Schedule Enables You To Be Focused and Alert Commander, Lowering The Chances You May Have a Close Encounter with a Star"

If that's not a dig at my piloting skills, I don't know what else it is...

"Piss Off Jefferson, I Got This"

"As You Wish, Commander"

I may give Jefferson shit on the regular, But damnit I Love my A.I. COVAS. I remember when they upgraded the voice packs and the Intelligence of the COVAS. I had that "Alex" voice for almost 2 years. Quite boring she was.

With the new personality upgrades, and new voice, I've gotten very accustomed to Jeffersons' speech and his insight. The fact he can launch anyone of my Utilities at a moments notice without me having to sift through my Fire Groups is FANTASTIC!!!

I really became enthralled with my A.I. companion while I was drifting in space after the wreck, He could tell not only my mental state, but also my physical well being thorough his Energy Pulses. I'm also a bit curious as to where his humor programs came from. I feel since Ram Tah started getting Guardian Tech that he's been integrating it into our COVAS, making them a that much more "alive" If you will.

While I was drifting, Jefferson told me the Funniest story joke, so funny that I had to remember it (Funny to me at least)

"Commander, once there was some Humans having a party out in an old field, there was bonfires, plenty of laughter, enormous amounts of alcohol, and every type of Narcotic ingestible by Humans, two specific Humans were standing by an old Automotive Vehicle, the conversation they were having turned towards Waste (shit). one comments"

"Hey man, I have to use the facilities, but there's no where to go" the other human responds " Why not go behind one of the many bushes that dot our vector" The other human agrees, then vanishes behind a bush. Moments later he emerges with a disparaging look on his face "I don't have any toilet paper" the other human says "No Leaves?" replies the other "none around"..

The other human asks "Do you happen to have a Dollar?"

"I do" replies the other Human, "then use that and just wash it off later"

Several Minutes go by, the other Human emerges from the brush looking relieved, yet with a hand covered in human feces

"I thought I told you to use a dollar?" asks the First human

"You try Wiping your ass with 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and a nickel....."


I had to share that shit, I'm being hailed by Blak finally, I think he's ready to hit Anchorage. I hope so, I'm bored of looking at this Giant ass Black hole. Probably give an update in another few days or so... Fly Safe Commanders, and Give your COVAS some love.

Vinton Signing Out....
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