Logbook entry

Firebat01 / 14 May 3305
Director of INRA, Firebat01, Private log. May 13th, 3305.

Second day as Director of INRA and already the weeds of yesteryear are crawling up my ass about "Project Q Chip". The INRA Benefactors want results daily. I tell them to stick their daily reports up their asses. They give us capital and assets, but I give the orders. If one gets too...confident, I snap my fingers and point and they are eliminated. They don't have the slightest clue. All of their assets and capital quietly funneled back to INRA through various means.

No message is sent to other Benefactors, we don't believe in making examples, that only draws attention. Nice, quiet, clean. No other Benefactors are the wiser, despite our power we still need their discreet support. Rest assured, though, INRA is in control. I tell them what I want, when I want. Besides, Q Chip is hardly ready for testing.

Q Chip is just one of the major projects INRA have to combat the future threat of the Guardian AI's. Q Chip is also our most promising. Now that we know they evolved from one mind to individual minds, the term has become plural.

The Quantum Code Hostile Infiltration Program (Q Chip for short) is a revolutionary program.

Using captured Ancient Guardian Drone (or AGD's) AI's, we're designing a program to mimic its base code, or it's basic DNA. The AGD recognizes Q Chip as a friendly and accepts a transmission from the program. The program then infiltrates the AI base code, and can either disrupt its control over the drone and shut it down, or it completely rewrites the AI's base code and the AI is then completely under our control.

We learn our lessons here at INRA, we're using Q Chip to do exactly what the AI scout did to that Explorer.

Research into the "new" Guardian AI's (or NGAI's) is stagnant at best, due to having only one encounter that an Agent survived. Without more intel our researchers can only presume and speculate to fill in the blanks. Logical deduction has played a large part in our plans, but it's all for nothing if we get the slightest detail wrong. Our entire species survival can depend on a mere scrap of information.

We did find some conclusive information from the previously encountered AI scout drone ship's AI pilot. The black box of the Explorer, Field Agent Deloris Makewell recovered, recorded every move the AI made inside its systems, and was trying to process the AI's code, or consciousness, but it was too large, and the Explorers systems didn't have time to complete the task.

What we found was that the AI consciousness seemed to have evolved when the Original AI tried to compartmentalize its self to complete tasks faster. The new compartments developed into consciousnesses of their own to achieve a greater speed and more efficient functioning. Though, now somewhat individual from the Original AI, it did not have full autonomy. The AI naturally (if you can call it that) created an hierarchy unable to be disobeyed. Each AI compartment are individuals, but are compelled to obey the Original AI command lines. Like a religious zealot, only without emotion to corrupt it's compulsion. That is a dangerous enemy.

What we can surmise is the AI compartments pilot the Drone ships, at least so far as we've seen. We kill a Drone ship, we kill the AI compartment that was piloting it. However, in order to infect ALL AI's with Q Chip, we would need to locate the Original AI. The Original AI's code being that which controls all other compartments, we can control the Original AI, and the entire AI Drone fleet. We can do what the Guardians couldn't.

We still have a ways to go with Project Q Chip, but we'll need a viable test when we have a completed product. Simulations are one thing, but without an actual NGAI, we just won't know. We have many captured AGD's from ancient Guardian sites, but these AI don't seem to match what the black box from the Explorer processed, Its base code is millennia behind what we have analyzed from the NGAI encountered by Deloris, if only we'd gotten more. These AGD's will have to suffice as test subjects, so to speak, when we have something viable. For now, we do what we can, and as fast as we can.

The Thargoid "threat" is still ongoing. Just insects being insects, nothing new there. Being the new Director, I have to meet our insider eventually.

A Dark Wheel operative came to see me today. Wants to set up a meeting with a data pirate. I hate data pirates. They're bleeders. Most probably something useful though, no one would waste my time if it weren't. I'll have to schedule that before my meet with our Thargoid insider.

Usual BS from the local powers that be, today. All of them kept busy with their petty squabbling. We are everywhere, and the situations they're all in is exactly the way we want it to be, for a time. Little do they know that soon, very soon, they will all be united. The Thargoids are just a test run, they're the practice game. It somewhat worked, but the powers saw more opportunity to circumvent their opponents USING the Thargoid threat. Compared to the NGAI's the Thargoids are, well, insects.

I have a List meeting at noon tomorrow. Who dies, who gets the blame, who doesn't, and who just disappears into the great beyond. It's a monthly meeting, and it's pizza lunch tomorrow. Who doesn't like Pizza?
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