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Nullvektor / 14 May 3305
Formidine Excursion: P2

Made it to the Heart Nebula and spent my rest period at Farsight Expedition Base. Proceeded on to the Soul Nebula, and found this speedy little High Metal Content planet zipping around a K-class star.

No anomalies or significant findings to report.

MEC Eostre is a stable exploration vessel, if a bit sluggish in supercruise. I have yet to encounter a situation where increased supercruise agility is necessary, but that may possibly be a strike against the Cutter and for the Beluga in the Very Large Deep Range Exploration Vessel contest.

Currently cooling my heels at Base Camp in Soul Sector EL-Y d7. The place is... well, pretty rough around the edges. It's very far out from the jump-in point and my scanners have all but burned in the red "WANTED" sign from how many outlaw ships there are out here, but they've got uh... certain commodities... that you can't find elsewhere. I'll lock up the Eostre, put on some tunes and partake in some of the local herbal concoctions and set out again a few hours later than I had originally planned.
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CMDR Nullvektor
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