Logbook entry

Vel Eshti / 14 May 3305
AIM X Initiated

So, after weeks of planning, making charts, plotting routes, and latest ship config thrown out the hatch, I have finally pulled the trigger on the AIM expedition out to Sagittarius A.

At least, I think that is where I am going.  Like most of my expeditions, I have found the best laid plans are those not laid.  My trusty Phantom is loaded for every contingency I can think of, meaning I can pretty much go wherever I please for however long I please.  Still, Sag A is a bucket list item so I am sure I will end up there eventually.  And from there?  Who knows.  Maybe it's high time I went pilgrimage to Beagle Point.  Or, I may drift the cosmic winds and see where it takes me.

Okay, Dear Reader.  Sorry to disappoint, whoever you are.  You, the unlucky soul who gets to read and archive log uploads from every ship who makes dock.  There is nothing special or acronymy about the name AIM X.  If you consider it a lame name, blame the combination of a lack of coffee starting out today (big mistake); and the fact my ship's log maddeningly does everything in ALL CAPS!  I simply got up to today, observed everything was ready and said, "I'm gonna aim that-away".  I was doing admin at the time and it went into my log.  Just like that.  True story.

So obligatory Expedition preamble completed.  Hopefully from here on out I'll have more interesting things to say.  I'm currently nav-locked towards a Space Potato port I've nicknamed "Last Ditch Spud" just to amuse myself.  I should arrive at the end of my current day cycle if nothing shiny distracts me. It will be my last chance to load up on any odds and sods I may have forgotten before I take the deep dive into the black.  -Cheers
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