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Noraneko Sparks / 14 May 3305

====In Character====

---May 14, 3305---

I'm honestly surprised it took me this long to consider recording my adventures out here.  Then again, until recently, I was a mere trader out in Epsilon Erdani.  Not much to talk about other than boring manifests and economical data, with maybe a few hopes of seeign Sol one day.

Now here I am, sitting in my Diamondback Explorer, out in the center of the galaxy, doing so much more than returning to the cradle of humanity.  Its only been a few months, but I've seen Sol, and so, so much more.  Calling me Sparky seems more appropriate than ever, as these random sparks fueled many adventures beyond my days in the Federation.

MIRAI took me in, after being ruthlessly chased by Code in Erevate, along with so many others.  While I'm far more invested in exploring these days, I'm glad I met the squad.  I don't think I would have left my tiny pocket of Fed space if they hadn't come along.  As I prepare for my voyage to Beagle Point, I've taken a few days rest to look back on everything.

The Empire has been kinder to me than the Federation ever was.  They admired my determination to trade and mine and supply every station I could with the resources that they need.  More than glory, more than expansion, they need materials, food.  Stations are more concerned with their life support than whether a new political power rises to hold it.  More concerned about Thargoids and keeping their families alive.  That is a trader's goal.  Its not just about the money, its a service.  Without these stations, I couldn't repair my ships, I couldn't go exploring.  That is why I trade, its mutually beneficial, and honestly, it gave me an excuse to live out my days in space.

Perhaps I've always wanted to explore....but was too afraid it was not a stable career.  Least, everyone back home thought so.  So much for the Federation's spirit.  The common people don't give a rat's ass about war or expansion, just getting through the day with ample credits.

Trading was only the beginning.  This trip has been eye opening.  I think I know where I'm headed now, and in the Empire, ambition is everything.  Princess Aisling certainly believes in something greater than the slave holding, pious monarchy.  I'm glad to be under this banner, so to speak.  

Someday, I will bring my friends here, perhaps plan routes for other travelers to take depending on their priorities.  Distant Worlds made quite a road map for large groups, but my eyes are set on a road map for the quiet, lonely souls, or the small groups looking for a vacation they'll never forget.  Admittedly, its daunting, and I'm dreading trying to figure out an express route for those with little time.  Those Neutron Stars still scare the crap outta me.  It may take me a few trips to get "The Eye" figured out.  I'll need to find good resource extraction planets for the less prepared than I.   Though I'm not even terribly well off for synthesis.

Alright, let's get started!


====In Character====

I know most people use EDSM to map out their routes, but admittedly, I started this trip to vent away some anger, so that wasn't on my mind until it was too late. I think it'll be fun, making mock logs and taking pictures of my sights. To clarify, I'm hoping to make some routes for my squad, and some allies to follow if they ever make the journey. Do half the work so they don't have to, since most of them are combat pilots.

The Eye is my name for a series of highways leading about the big landmarks in deep space. Namely between The Bubble, Colonia, Sagittarius A, and Beagle Point. If I'm lucky, I'll make it, and if I'm still ambitious, I'll go for Distant Moon. I never finished making my Jumpaconda, but my DBX with 66.5 ly jumps, and a bit of FSD Injection will help finish the journey. I think I'll be fine, navigating The Abyss, just have to wait and see. If I'm lucky, I can keep this trip KGB-FOAM friendly.

From here on out, I'll be posting these entries from the eyes of my CMDR, with personal notes at the end when need be. I love writing, and I've been lagging on the lore side of things for the last couple weeks.

To Beagle Point!
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CMDR Noraneko Sparks
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22 May 3305
End Of The Universe
Noraneko Sparks
22 May 3305
Sagittarius A* - Beagle Point: Long Arm
Noraneko Sparks
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