Logbook entry

J.Bauer / 18 May 3305
WK3: Unintended Ship Acceleration After Hyperspace Jump

We arrived at waypoint 2 well ahead of schedule. Our estimated arrival date was May 18th, but we arrived four days ahead of schedule on Tuesday, May 14th. We experienced one safety event over the past two weeks. A control issue with the throttle occurred after a hyperspace jump which resulted in the USNS Chicago performing an emergency drop from supercruise near an A type star.

On May 11th 3305 at 1624, CMDR J.Bauer was at the helm of the USNS Chicago. He initiated a hyperspace jump and zeroed the throttle per standard procedure for unattended jumps. CMDR Bauer then turned his attention to the comms panel to hail FleetComm while the ship's systems controlled navigation in the background. The ship performed an unmonitored hyperspace jump and upon dropping, accelerated toward the destination star. The USNS Chicago performed an emergency drop from super cruise upon entering the exclusion zone of Gria Gree YM-H d11-20.

Heat sinks were deployed and the Chicago reengaged Supercruise to head toward the nearest planet for a full system diagnostic. All systems were shut down for maintenance and repair. At the conclusion of repairs the power plant was rated at 97%, and the hull was rated at 98%.

To investigate the controls issue, test jumps were performed with the throttle zeroed before and after moving navigation to background, and jumps initiated with the 75% throttle hotkey while the main throttle was zeroed. When the throttle was zeroed before moving navigation to background, the ship reduced speed to 30km/s at the end of the hyperspace jump. Tests that zeroed the throttle after moving navigation to background resulted in no measured change to control systems. Post hyperspace jump acceleration was noted. Jumps that were initiated at zero throttle with the 75% throttle hotkey resulted in speed reductions to 30km/s at the end of hyperspace jumps when performed normally, but failed to reduce speed when hyperspace jumps completed while navigation was in the background.

The results indicate that the throttle was zeroed after navigation was moved to background, or the hyperspace jump was initiated with the 75% throttle hotkey while the throttle was zeroed and the jump completed in background. CMDRs should purposefully zero the throttle via hotkey before moving navigation to background.

Waypoint 3: SWUENOE VA-G B2-0 is approximately 5kLy away and should take 117 jumps from WP2. Next check in is scheduled for May 25th. Nothing further to report.

CMDR J.Bauer signing off.

WaypointX-coordinateY-coordinateZ-coordinateEstimated Arrival Date
Start-1139-163578May 4, 3305
1 SKUEQIAE JG-W C18-0-2080-10358668May 11, 3305
2 THUECHO UH-L C24-17-3021-20553759May 18, 3305
3 SWUENOE VA-G B2-0-3963-30748849May 25, 3305
4-4904-40943940June 1, 3305
5-5845-51139030June 8, 3305
6-6786-61334121June 15, 3305
7-7727-71529211June 22, 3305
8-8669-81724302June 29, 3305
Colonia-9530-91019808July 6, 3305
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