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Konca / 15 May 3305
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Greetings Commanders!

It has been a couple of weeks since I have made a logbook entry, I have been hard at work doing different things within the game that it completely slipped my mind. I stuck with mining for several days in my Python, which still remains one of my favorite multi-purpose ships. I was able to get my trade rank up along with collecting lots of credits. I ended up getting pretty bored with mining after a while, and I decided that I wanted to do some trading. I bought a Type-9 Heavy, and set out to trade as much as I could, but without engineering, I was not able to get very far on a fully laden ship. I then made the switch back to my python to do some trading with. Then I decided that I was bored with that after a day or two and made the decision to unlock some of the engineers so I can Improve my jump range, and start exploring.

I started by visiting the Jameson Crash Site and load up on some of the data that I will need. Eventually after farming for high grade emissions, I decided to head out to the Outotz LS-K d8-3 and HIP 36601 way out in the Sanguineous Rim in order to farm the Crystalline Shards that are there. So far I am still there farming material, and I am looking forward to getting back to the bubble. Fly Safe Commanders!

-Commander Konca
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