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Marlfan1 / 16 May 3305
Why have it if your not gonna play with it

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you GrendelShogun!!

No more poop runs!  I got promoted from flying septic tank to BattleBot slash Travel Boy slash Cargo sorcerer thingy slash Miner 49-er.  Whatever it is, or I am, or Gah!  It doesn't matter!  I am not flying Biowaste now!  Yeee Haaa!

Seems I passed my intern period.  I am now a full fledged TDOG!  Yeppers!  Thats me! A fully Potty trained, house broken, Junk Yard Dog!

What better way to celebrate than to spend money... lots and lots of money.  Stupid money.

I bought a Mamba.

I mean, I know I just bought a Beluga last month, (and a DBX the month before) but that was a bonafide need! Ever since I had to sell my Keelback and my Dolphin to cover the rebuy cost for my Corvette (Yeah, I know, never fly without a rebuy) I haven't had a passenger ship to play with, er, I mean, earn a living with.  The DBX, well, now that was probably not needed as I could have gotten a good enough jump range with my Krait MK II, but it looks like a grasshopper or cricket (hence the name:  Jimeny Cricket) and its very small and agile, great for landing at guardian sites and gathering planetside mats.

Anyway, with my new um, acquisitions and my newly earned freedom from poop runs, I have decided its time for another round of engineer runs to bring everything up to speed so to speak.

Ever since my old friend Eddelos taught me about VO mining, I have more money than I know what to do with so...

Why have it if you're not gonna play with it.  Hmm, that phrase seems familiar.  I think it was something I used to say to my ex...
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