Logbook entry

Badpenny Belle / 15 May 3305
CMDR Log: Dutchess Belle reporting, First Entry

To: A. Duval Administrative Officer B-13-A
CC:  Pilots Federation log


Per instructions, this entry initiates the logbook of Dutchess Belle in accordance with Imperial Standard and Pilot Federation reporting guidelines.

I have successfully befriended and integrated myself with the last of the specialist engineers marked critical for full system upgrade operations. Having delivered xeno classed sensors to the Professer, (discovered at HIP 17403 A 4 A LAT -34.9824, LONG -141.4115, per the classified xeno wreckage site), I have successfully rigged my thrusters for maximum velocity and responsiveness. I should note that Drag Drive functioning is the most highly regarded function by most freelance pilots, and I concur on the Krait, but for my Large classed ships, I find I prefer the Distributors. Seems to help a bit more with my turning, the primary drawback to bringing a higher classed ship to a combat engagement.

Finding myself a bit then short on materials I went on to attempting the completion of combat bonds, ingratiating myself further with some remaining independant specialists while scavaging the wreckage for parts. Overall this was a failed endeavor. The Cutter was not nearly as effective in combat as my old standby, the Dreadful, and despite turning in numerous bonds for credits, I appear to only have received credit for one in my standard issue codex. Additionally, I noticed far fewer scavagable parts in the wreckage of the warring ships then I would tend to find when hunting pirates.

I may have to cut my endeavors short, however, as the schedule requires I assist Duval tonight in order to maintain my reputation and status, and then dock for the trip out to join the Guardian expedition now underway.

At least at the guardian site there will be an additional opportunity to scavenge both parts and minerals, while researching the ancient technologies.

Thank you for your faith in my skills and continued support by way of credits and influence. I hope to further our endeavors in the coming months and make the galexy a safer, better place to live.

For the Empire,
Dutchess Belle signing out.
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