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Kissamies / 15 May 3305
First Entry at Beagle Point

Finally made it to Beagle Point last night. Not in time to catch Distant Worlds 2, as I originally planned. I was unavoidably delayed. Nevertheless, I am here to see what all the fuss is about. As I jumped into system I was attacked by none other than the once self-proclaimed queen of Sagittarius A* herself, CMDR Lysianassa. With nary a word her Mamba started interdicting as I was locking in target for a high wake. Luckily, it was not my first dance of this sort, and my exploration ship is not completely min-maxed just for range, so I managed to escape her quite handily, losing only the outermost layers of my shield. Still, I would be lying if I claimed this encounter didn't have my pulse pounding, as it tends to be when coming at odds with fellow commanders like this.

At any rate, this encounter reinforced my already made decision to start recording logs for posterity once I made it this far, but I must warn you all that I am fairly negletful by nature and these posts may not come with any great regularity. My current plan is to spend a day or two to explore this far end of the galaxy and then head back to Colonia a slightly roundabout way. Then to the Bubble where the bulk of my fleet needs attending. I am fairly unimpressed by the Beagle Point system itself, but the historical signifigance is not to be denied.
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CMDR Kissamies
Explorer / Freelancer
19 May 3305
Bridging the Abyss
15 May 3305
First Entry at Beagle Point
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