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Korzhakov / 15 May 3305
Perfect spot for a check up

I found what I was looking for. A moon with. 25G, temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. BLAA FREE LS-T B23-5 A 4. I set the Karelian Dawn down on a smooth plane. I shut down everything but life support and the power plant. I took a day to do a careful inspection of her, inside and out. I replaced some filters, replaced my shield emitters, cleaned up the fuel scoop slats, lubricated the landing gear, cleaned the canopy from both sides.

She's ready to go and purring like a kitten. As promised I took my chair down the front landing gear lift and set it up just under my canopy. Just looking at the terrain for a while until I was completely relaxed, now if it wasn't for this helmet I'd love a cold beer, but that will have to wait till I get back on board, and I'm in no rush for that right now.

Eventually I make my way back inside, cook a nice dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and have my cold beer.

This morning I awoke to the wonderful smell of my coffee brewing. As I made my way to the galley, I have Verity begin a thorough diagnostic of all systems. Everything is in working order and I have 2% more more strenght on the shields with the new emitters.

All preflight checks complete, time to head back on my way. I've enjoyed the stop and the perfect temperature of this little planet. But time to continue the journey home.
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CMDR Korzhakov
Explorer / Rescuer
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