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DR Platus / 16 May 3305
Out into the Black - Episode 4

Alright, after visiting the Rosette Nebula, headed out to the Crab Nebula, and am now docked at Farsight Expedition Base in the Heart Nebula.

There were moments where I wanted to fly into a star, and others where I amazed at the wonders of the galaxy. Long-distance exploration can be intimidating, yet wonderful, at the same time. I would highly recommend it. Thunder's Truck is holding out very well, the Asp Explorer certainly lives up to its' name.

I am going to return to the bubble via NGC 7822, another nebula and wonder of our galaxy, to see if I get get my Asp engineered some more, then will head out again. I was initially planning a Colonia-Sag A trip, but may follow in the footsteps of the DW2 Expedition that went to Beagle Point, as that route sounds amazing. I have signed up for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Expedition, due to start on July 6, but if I do follow the DW2 Expedition's route, I will not be back in time. Will see how I feel once I've hung around the bubble a bit.

My adventures and musings can also be found here now: https://www.facebook.com/DRPlatus/

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