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Turbulentz3 / 16 May 3305
A lone pilot life!!

It's been a while since I did not make any record in the journal ... now the insurance company threatened to terminate my policies if I do not make daily records of the activities. Now I'll make a short summary of what happened this year. Statistics show how we did 3,882 jumps in hyperspatial in total we went through 62,058.00 light years now we have reached a distance of 11,752.24 light years from Asellus Primus, the place we consider the house. During this time I managed to visit 2,651 space systems, I bought five spacecraft (Cobra Mk III, Dolphin, Type-7 Transporter, Type-9 Heavy, and a Krait MkII) and made little trade, little tourism, and some mining. Now the value of my assets is somewhere at 454,915,410.
And I decided it would be time to look for some associates to set up a galactic consortium... I expect the following meetings that I am very excited about.
Now I'm in the Borann system where I found a considerable amount of asteroid filled with LOW-TEMPERATURE DIAMONDS to run without being surprised by the pirates, but it's hard to hide the explosion of deep core mining.
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CMDR Turbulentz3
Freelancer / Trader
16 May 3305
A lone pilot life!!
04 Jan 3304
The first day of my new life
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