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Alex S. North / 16 May 3305
Even more questions!

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Even more questions!
CMDR: Alex S. North
Recording Date: May 16th 3305 10:05 (3302/05/10)
Location: Unknown
Personal log May 16th 3305, yesterday I got a mysterious message with a tip for some high value data, it peaked my curiosity, so I flew the Lance over to investigate, scanning the base seemed to have been an illegal activity and not worth the trip. I decided to dock in an Orbis station a few stations out to get some R&R and contemplate on what had just happened.

I'm sitting in the bar, having an actual meal for a change, enjoying my dinner and having a drink when suddenly this man steps up to me and greets me as if we are old friends, this commander's name was Kirov.

Kirov: "LeXtruX, is that you? I heard you had passed away, how is this possible?"
At this point it confirmed my suspicions of who this LeXtruX was, it's me, but then why can't I recall the past 8 years? Regardless I was about to take a huge risk, but I wanted answers, and to get them, I had to be honest, to a degree, and explain my situation to this man.
Me: "I'm sorry, do I know you? I woke up in the hospital 2 weeks ago and I can't remember the past 8 years, you said I died?"
Kirov: " Yea, we met about a year ago during some combat missions with CMDR Trashpandagrrr, we used to be in the same squadron for quite some time!"
Me: "That does sound eerily familiar, but I still can't quite recollect the memories, care to catch me up on what you know?"

He told me he had some bounty hunting to do and I was more than welcome to tag along, so I decided to buy a new ship, a Fer-de-Lance, outfitted it for combat and off we went.
As we're flying to and from the RES taking down pirates, he fills me in on my deeds from the past year, how we met, how I was mainly a bounty/thargoid hunter, how I decided to go on a trip about a month ago and that I ended up having a malfunction in my ship, and according to official documents, I had passed away before my rescue pod was discovered. This is when I told him I don't remember going by that name told him I did find a tag with said name on (I wasn't about to reveal the information of the datapad just yet) and I tried searching about it on the Galnet, but no records existed. This baffled him and he quickly did a search himself.

Kirov: "What the... How is this possible, you are right, even your obituary is gone, your discovered systems have been scrapped as well, Lex, what's going on?"

I told him I didn't know and I was intending to find out. I asked him if there ever was a time. He told me he did recall a strange event happening about 3 months back, said I had received a tip about something and that I went to check it out, but when I got back I refused to talk about what I had encountered...

Where did I go, what did I discover that made me refuse filling in my friends, what happened on my expedition, and why were my friends and colleges notified that I had passed away? As I tried to recall the events, I was struck by a massive headache and I blacked out. When I came to Kirov sounded worried and we decided it was best to head back to the station and call it a day.

When we got back to the star port, Kirov and I said our goodbyes and I promised to stay in touch.

One question has been answered, but so many more have been raised... What in hell happened to me the past 3 months? As I was still pondering about it, my left eye socket hurt with a heavy pressure, I decided to get some shut-eye and deal with these questions on a later time. I needed answers but had no leads to go by, best to go back to the original plan and see what comes my way for now...

Alex out.
Closing Connection...
Connection Closed.

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