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Urania Minora / 16 May 3305
Commander's Log: Julian Date 2928322.126

After a long week spent in the black, I'm actually okay with being in the "bubble" for a few days.

Dropped off the passenger after taking them along during the system mapping expedition. Stored the passenger cabin for the time being. I love modular ship design!

Even though the passenger paid handsomely for the trip (almost ten million credits!), the real money was selling my exploration data at Thompson Dock - A.K.A "home base" for Canonn Research Group.
Made close to sixty million credits. A far cry from where I was only a few weeks ago.

Over 400 original discoveries, including one system with 53 planets. Too many high metal content and water worlds to list. Didn't find any Earth-like worlds (yet).

Knowing how lucky I am, and how close to seeing the wrong side of an airlock I was, this new found wealth is NOT going to my head.
No need for a flashy ship, well, no need for a flashier ship than a Dolpin.

Today will be a light day - maybe take the Nova out, and mine some resources to resupply for the next trip.

So far my trips have been less than 10,000 light years round trip. I think maybe a few more of those, then I'll be comfortable making a Colonia run, and on to SGR A*.
Will likely have some work to do for Cannon Research Group, now that I've been accepted. We'll see. Maybe it will help get the data I need for a Guardian Frame Shift booster.
The Guardian tech should get the Sagan a little past sixty light years per jump. Right now she's right on the edge of fifty.

Seventy light years may even be possible if I can spend some more time with those reclusive engineers. There's still quiet a bit of "cruise ship" fat the Sagan could lose.

Now the exploration run I've had worked out since grad school is looking VERY possible! Won't see the inside of a starport for at least a year, if not more.
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