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Alex S. North / 16 May 3305
Federal Distress Call

Establishing Connection...
Connected. Sending Handshake...
Handshake Sent.
Code 10 Received. Secure Connection Established.
Receiving Data...
Data Received. Decoding...
Data Decoded...


Federal Distress Call
CMDR: Alex S. North
Recording Date: May 16th 3305 15:53 (3302/05/16)
Location: Unknown
As stated in the previous log, this is to fill in the gap of time for the log where I met CMDR Kirov.

As I was heading out to my mining location I received a long range open distress communication.
"Mayday Mayday, this is Slackeragers' Hideout in the Exigus.
To all pilots out there that received this message, our station was under attack and has taken massive damage.
Slackagers' Hideout needs your help. We need to get people off this station and gather aid for those we can't evacuate.
To all nearby pilots, please come aid us, we don't know how long we can hold out!"

I plotted a course to a nearby station, removed my cargo racks, installed passenger cabins and set out to help. Now there were 2 Federation agencies there wanting help as well. Mind you, I did not discriminate against any faction, I fitted anyone I could into my ship and brought them to the nearby rescue ship.

After the station was successfully evacuated, and receiving a mysterious tip off, I set out, the event of which are described in the Even More questions! log entry.

Earlier today I received a message from a Federation Operator, they had taken note in my help with evacuating their personnel. The asked me if I wished to help them evacuate another station for them, I agreed. They sent me the information, thus I plotted a course to the WOGAM system and made my way to Bean Station to rescue those poor sods from dying in a spinning ball of fire and metal.

This could lead to having friends in high places, and I can save lives... 2 birds, 1 stone.
Closing Connection...
Connection Closed.

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