Logbook entry

Tehed / 18 May 3305
My first encounter with the ancients

1805 3305

Col 173 Sector GS-J b25-4

Seeing the need (and finally being able to) get a proper exploration ship I was looking through the new models that have been released in the last years. Of course I noticed Faulcon DeLacy's Krait Phanton and judging from my fellow commanders, I'm certainly not the first one. The first setup I went for looks like this: TE-HK7 v1. Of course, there's still a lot missing and subpar, noticeably the engineering modifications. But most importantly there is a new (well, "new" at least for me) essential internal module that I'm missing: the Guardian Frameshift Drive Booster.

Thankfully our fellow Commanders are an amazing bunch of humans and this helpful video of Cmdr Exigeous showed me what to do. The Phantom already has decent reach and so I flew out to Col 173 Sector GS-J b25-4 and found the site. Admittedly it took me a while to figure out that you need to keep firing at the blue orbs until the pylons are fully charged, but after fighting off some sentries I finally managed to get the Blueprint Segment.

Currently I'm salvaging what I can from the site before returning to the bubble and enjoying the sights at this ancient terminal.

Already an amazing journey!
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