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Chip204 / 18 May 3305
Wolf Hunting

A few hours stuck in a Galactipedia black hole brought me out here. Chancing on an article about Wolf-Rayet stars, I decided to try to find one of my own. Hunting around the Galactic map has never been that successful for me before, but after 15 minutes or so, a tiny white spot showed up in the corner of the screen - a WC-class star, just 25,000 short light years from Sol.

Time to find the car keys and head out into the black. 100 or so stops along the neutron highway, I drop out of witchspace at Jaques Station for a quick refuel and repair stop, and feeling fully refreshed, I'm back out again a few hours later.

I decide to take the explorer's route, stopping to take some photos and do some research t each star system I pass through. 2 jumps out from Colonia and I'm in virgin territory - I'm the first human ever to set eyes on the vistas I'm seeing now, and since humanity's expansion into the galaxy has slowed in recent centuries, maybe I'll be the last for millennia.

Some 40 jumps on, with holograms to preserve the memories that will otherwise fade in my unaugmented brain, I'm here. I've claimed the Wolf's pelt for myself. I race back to civilisation in Colonia, and Universal Cartographics records my victory for ever more.
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CMDR Chip204
Explorer / Trader
18 May 3305
Wolf Hunting
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