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Badpenny Belle / 19 May 3305
CMDR Log: Bridging the Gap report

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Commander's Log

My participation in the bridging the gap initiative was a moderate success. Guardian data was retrieved in sufficient quantities so as to allow some rather impressive experimental additions to my ships. I additionally was able to retrieve the schematics for a number of Guardian ships, which will make fine additions to my fleet once assembly has been completed.

My only failure was in, I believe, bringing the Asp instead of rigging out a Krait Phantom, as the number of artifacts I was able to retrieve for the initiative I believe to have been piddily small. It's funny, I had purchased and kitted out a new Python in preparation for the journey, but in the end, the idea of leaving the bubble without my trusty Asp by my side ended up being more than I could bring myself to brave. I still was in the top 50% based on my initial contribution, but I expect that will fall drastically as the initiative wears on, and I have other engagements drawing me away from Guardian space.

On the way back I made a number of system discoveries. I hesitate to even admit it, but I only just recently figured out that I need to utilize the discovery scanner to add faraway planets to my system map. Never the less, this bit of basic discovery 101 lead me to make a far greater number of discoveries compared even to my expedition out to the Elysian stars.

I'm now quite low on both credits and materials, after my preparations for taking part in the initiative, so I spent a good part of the day of my return falling back to old habits. The amount of Painite the Cutter, my Flying Dutchess, can find and haul never ceases to amaze me. Especially compared to my memories of hunting for Void opals in my ever trusty Asp.

Once my credit balance was once again in a safe spot, giving me back my peace of mind, the ever-burning stations at the front once again called to me. And even as I report in, I find myself preparing to once again head out and assist the human victims of these alien aggressors.

Commander Belle out.
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