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Badpenny Belle / 21 May 3305
Commanders log: Stardate May 21, 3305

Personal log entry, 05/21/3305

My to-do list stretches ever longer with every passing day. It almost feels like, for every thing that I accomplish, two new things get added to my list. So far, I need to:

Switch my Thrusters to Drag Drives on my large ships.
Re-outfit my Phantom, once I have the materials for another 7 LY range.
Buy and outfit a Beluga for more effective passanger hauls.
Unlock more Human experimental technologies (due 6/1)
Mine to replenish my credit banks.
Replenish my Manufactured material stocks
Re engineer/outfit my Python for heavy combat (due 5/22 to make the noob bus)
Follow up on new reported spacial anomaly (Alaunus)
Search Guardian space for more ruins
Unlock additional system permits.
Work on my FA off flight exercises.
Gather stock for experimentation: 'goid sensor, link, etc, guardian key, artifact.
Reoutfit all my ships for five min storage space to maintain a stock of experimental items.

Currently I'm wrapping up a trip to the 'bug killer' site. It's been a fruitful expedition, but I swear every time the 'goid ship stops by to say 'hi', I pee myself a little. The first time it happened I remember I was terrified, running away as fast as my little ship could carry me. But, I've come to realise that, loud as it is, it really is just dropping in for the same reason I am - to collect some salvage, and beeping on its way by to be friendly.

Time runs short, and my deadline is tight. I need to be prepped to make the buss out of the bubble or it's going to be a long flight out. But, my Princess needs my help to push the corrupt president of the federation out of Guardian space. The empire must unite and force him to abandon his plans for developing useless multicannons over the Missle designs my kind hearted Princess is working on.

And, while I dislike prioritizing politics over science, I have to make sure my schedule aligns to my reality, and deadlines that are expiring are deadlines that must be prioritised above all others.

Commander Belle out.
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