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Kezika / 22 May 3305
Bridging the Gap

Roughly a week ago I boarded Zende Partner's megaship "The Conduit" to travel out to Guardian space. They really do need better accommodations however, No rooms to rent, and only mess hall style eateries. While the antiquities may not be human, they are still interesting to me nonetheless. Besides that though through assisting with the gathering and delivery of these antiquities I potentially help with curbing the Thargoids, however indirectly through helping human-guardian hybrid technology development.

As such I purchased a Faulcon DeLacy Krait Mk II to outfit for this task and hired a fighter pilot from Alfven Orbital to assist me in this venture. I equipped out the ship with a fighter hanger, as I understand that helps greatly with the Guardian Beacons, as well as an SRV hangar and cargo racks for extracting data and antiquities from the Guardian surface sites for later delivery to Zende Partner's outpost.

So far all of this has been a great success, I have visited seven of the eight Guardian Beacons and associated Guardian Sites that I set out to visit. I will complete that last one tonight.
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