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Bitgedon / 23 May 3305
First steps

My first real steps outside the bubble, they were honestly pretty exciting. I feel for most commanders their first step is testing the waters but not me. First thing I did was a trip to guardian space for the fsd booster, not going to lie it sucked really bad. Tip to all you newcomers thinking about venturing beyond the bubble: synthesis is blessing don't forsake it, I say this because I forgot about synthesis about 1000 light years and 2 incoming missiles too late and it was a nightmare. Its a constant battle against fuel and when you're in the srv your hull health. When I first dove into the world of guardian tech I thought this would be a walk in the park but oh hell no. These assholes pack and punch and if your not careful will disintegrate your shields to then your remaining hull, the hull you have left from the 5km drive from your landing site cause the terrain is so damn rough around the facility there's nowhere to land. As I'm writing this I'm proceeding to get increasingly agitated because of the truth that I will have to eventually go back there for more resources but ill make do with what i got for as long as i can.
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CMDR Bitgedon
Miner / Explorer
24 May 3305
23 May 3305
First steps
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