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Marlfan1 / 23 May 3305

"Promise to shoot me if I ever become that big of an a$$H@(&", I growled to my fighter pilot.  First, shoot me in the a$$, then put one right between my eyes!

Engineers!  My God!, I want to strangle each and every one of them!  So pompous!  So self righteous!.  So self important!  So...GHAAAHHH!

There was an old earther movie, a little over a thousand years ago, what was it called...oh yeah, "Anger Management"!  That's it!  what was that phrase they were always saying to try to calm down, umm, "GooseFrabah"!  Yeah, yeah, Goosefrabah, Goosefrabah, Goosefrabah, Goos F*&%@-ing Frabah!!  Crap!  it doesn't work.


GrendelShogun, when I see you next I am gonna spit in your eye!  Well, I'll ask permission first and all.  You know, maybe just fantasize about doing it.  Okay, so I'm not really gonna spit in your eye, but I want to!

"Now that you're out of Pleb status, you should go check in with the engineers, get those ships of yours tuned up so you can hang with the grownups.", he says.  Sounds good, cool actually.  Get my ships upgraded to bad-ass, conquer a couple of solar systems, nothing too expansive, I don't need much.  I'm a simple guy.  After all, "Ya gotta stay humble.", my pops always used to say.  Hrmph!  Someone should have told that to the Engineers!  GooseFrabah Marl, GooseFrabah!

Anyway, as Grendel is tellin' me to check out the Engineers, I remember getting some coms messages a while back.  Going through the archived messages, I see some from Farseer, this guy callin' himself, The Blaster", and yet another , "The Dweller".  That should have been my first clue.  Who calls themselves by their nickname? Nicknames are something your friends tag ya with.  I bet they nicknamed themselves so they could sound "cool".  Probably never had any friends.

So ok, lets do this!

Hmmm, who first?   Two guys and a chick.  Gotta go to the chick first right?  Farseer it is.

I get there, and on approach there is this mechanical voice doing flight control.  Ok, no problem, she's an Engineer, they like IT stuff.  I land, refuel, then head over to the Engineer's workshop.  I walk in and, "Hello Marlfan1, glad you made it.  Took you a while, I sent that invite months ago."  "Nice to see you too.  I've been busy."  "Whatever.  You got my Meta-alloy?"  "What?  Meta what?  What are you talkin' about?" I ask.  "The Meta-alloy I told you was the price of doing business.  You know, in my coms message?  I said bring me a Meta-alloy!" "<sigh>, [under her breath -- 'Men!  this is why I prefer machines!']  You didn't even read the message beyond location data did you?", Farseer spat.  "I specifically said, if you want me to work on your FSD or any other device, BRING ME ONE, Just ONE Meta-alloy!!"

[Deer in the headlights look] "look, I can pay you what ever you want, I got credits!  I can show you my account balance, I'm good for it!"  "NO!  No Meta-alloy, no engineering!"  "Get out!  Get out of my office and off my base!"  

At that, two previously unnoticed piles of metallic muscle stand from the back corners of the office and assume rather menacing stances while a pair of red dots center in on my chest.

"Whoa lady!  Take it easy!"  I raise my hands slowly and begin backing away and out the door.  "So, I go get you this Meta-alley thingy, and you'll let me back in right?  Work on my ships and get Grendel off my back?"  "Grendel?  GrendelShogun?  You're with him now, what about Eddellos?  You were with Edd when I sent the invite."  Edd is gone.  No trace.  Last I saw of him was in G 35-15.  Far Bound Initiates is all but dead now.  Now, I'm a TDOG.  The Dragons of Grendel."

A flash of sadness flares in her eyes and she takes a deep breath.  "Yes, I know GrendelShogun and the TDOGS.  If you weren't a friend of Eddellos, I'd make you bring me two Meta-Alloys just because of that scoundrel!"  Now, get out, and don't come back with out my Meta-alloy!"

Grendel!  maybe I WILL spit in your eye!
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Close, but no Cigar!
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23 May 3305
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