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Kurushoi / 23 May 3305
Concerned about pirates

The date is 3305-05-23, Loki Tan, Worden City, the place I came to call home.

Yesterday I finally got enough credits to buy me a new Type 9 cargo hauler after many lonely hours in the black scanning planets, fighting alongside my good friend and employee Carson Flores, hauling cargo between stations and taking people around the stars to see shinny things.

So, this morning, even though I would not have any time to fly it since I would be otherwise occupied by mundane tasks, I decided to buy the ship and get it space ready for the next round of mission running for the squadron.

I must say, I was more than a little bit concerned about pirates, I've being hearing a lot on how this ship cannot avoid interdictions and how it cannot stand in a fight, it is not particularly fast or maneuverable, it is a huge investment for me to loose.

After deliberating on the subject, I decided to just try to outrun the pirates, I did the classic all light modules and the best engineered FSD, I did add a hangar bay and assigned Carson to the fighter role, the good fellow despised pirates as much as I do, the main reason I hired him, even planing on running, I cannot fully accept the Idea of letting those people running around unpunished.

Since flying such big and cumbersome ship is not my cup of tea and I foresaw some really boring hours landing and launching this ship, I may or may not have being fined but port authorities in the past for reckless flying while boosting through the space lock with smaller more nimble ships. To save me from the bother I bought a sidewinder just to get the advanced docking computer and I transferred it to the Type 9.

Add some painting, and voila! The ship is space worthy! Now I could go take care of my worldly affairs and be at peace that I would be able to deal with the squadron needs for heavy hauling.

Except that... To TON 618 with it! I accidentally hit the auto launch button... Man... search me for why in the galaxy those damn bureaucrats do not accept an abort launch request... Now I was going to have to let the automated launch to complete all the way out of the station and then request docking and wait for it all the way in.

I decide to take a picture of the ship passing through the station space lock while the computer take care of the proceedings, my ship sound systems are not online, I have my personal communicator blasting some old earth music, a band by name Helloween, I launch the external camera limpet and I listen to the music.

I see the ship firing its thrusters on and off, I figure it is waiting in queue, I do not realize it got stuck on one of the light posts. I bet those are in there just to make our lives miserable.

The launch sequence is taking too long, I cannot hear the stern voice of the cockpit assistant warning me as the shield wearing off or the flight control complaining about obstruction of the landing pad, I hear only heavy metal blasting and I am occupied adjusting the external limpet camera for the right picture.

Then I see ship becoming a fireball and I wake up in the hospital with someone from insurance pushing me papers to sign for payment of a new ship. A few millions of loss and the loss of my trusted Carson Flores' life which burdens my soul as I still ache from the pain and the burns.

I was concerned about pirates...
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CMDR Kurushoi
Explorer / Researcher
23 May 3305
Concerned about pirates
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