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V3ntrill / 23 May 3305

Went on a run with my brother after a bit of mining. Decided to work in an imperial zone. I was hoping we could take out a few of them along the way since we don't listen to imperial security anyway. However, as we were hunting down the Hand of Damal pirates we ended up spotting quite a few imperials. As I targeted them and told him I was about to engage he yelled at me that they were clean. I hesitated. Put the throttle down to zero. He said he didn't want a bounty on him. I explained that while you might have a bounty in one system you wouldn't have a bounty in others. That's just a thing. He didn't want to get involved though.

I used to be like him. Just minding my own business. Not worrying about who controlled what. How things were run, or why. You see the federation is a big power hungry corporation, but the empire, they're slavers. They hold up this symbol of mercy and class as a way to prove something. "Look," they say, "We will erase your debts.", "We will log your merits.", "We will treat you civilly."
So long as you do exactly what you're told. So long as you don't step out of line.

Most Imperials have never seen a slaving vessel on a haul through a high-resource extraction zone. Most have never brought back slaves to them.

I had the good fortune of having the mining materials needed to make myself a millionaire. Now I want to do good. I need to. The federation is becoming overrun. And no one wants to do anything about it. Or at least no one I know. It's easy enough to see the influence of the stars and brights that pass you by.

We had a heated debate.

Again, I used to be where he was. Now though? I couldn't see myself letting go of an Imperial cutter.
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CMDR V3ntrill
Federal agent / Trader
23 May 3305
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