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Bitgedon / 24 May 3305

My first encounter with a thargoid... I can confirm one of the alien races is a whole lot harder to deal with than the other, can you guess which one? Who am I kidding of course you can. Thargoids are a hassle, O7 to all you cmdrs out there who can effectively damage a thargoid. I say this because the first thing you'll find out when you anger a thargoid is that your elite level skills and multi-million dollar equipment are apparently shit at even landing a shot on a thargoid let alone damaging it. To start the second you anger them they release a swarm of mini thargoids that are susceptible to standard equipment only each swarm is about 200 in the count. Flak guns are basically required for this task and you can only get it by synthesizing some hope you brought enough mats for the long haul. Ok so if you can't kill them you can just run I guess right? NOPE! These dicks chase you and have a disruptive mass of 30! Good luck getting away from that. To give you brief wrap up of these vile creatures all I can say is I hope you have some spare cash for the insurance costs
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CMDR Bitgedon
Miner / Explorer
24 May 3305
23 May 3305
First steps
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