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Clemsongreg06 / 24 May 3305
A Chance For A New Start

"Just do it already. You hate it here, so let's go.." How lucky I am to have a wife patient and supportive enough to push me to chase my dreams.  She was right - Baker's Prospect was the worst, and I always fantasized about leaving.  But I had a steady, if mind numbing job and a family to provide for.  But I always regretted never pursuing my dream - to build a prosperous charter company, taking excursions to the most exotic places in the galaxy.

So with my wife and daughter behind me I bought a little Sidewinder, the best I could do, and set us out for 39 Serpentis - the biggest tourist hub in our corner of the bubble.  I don't know if it'll be our forever home, but it's home for now.

So far, things have been going well.  The governments for the most part are stable, and their politics agree with me. But moreso, they've throw plenty of work my way.  So far it's been nothing glamorous, but already I've been able to fund a pre-owned Dolphin, my dream ship since my Navy days..

For now I'm living my dream, ferrying tourists back home, and taking the occasional rich sap to some tourist trap beacon. I'm happy just building my reputation and influence until Twaddle's Excursions and Voyages becomes the go-to place for the trip of a lifetime...
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CMDR Clemsongreg06
Tour operator / Explorer
25 May 3305
Friends Old and New
24 May 3305
A Chance For A New Start
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