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Badpenny Belle / 24 May 3305
CMDR Log: the Exchange

Personal log entry: 05/21/3305

I took the bus out to guardian space to fight for the exchange. I called it a night early, but did manage nearly a million credits in war claims, so the day wasn't a total loss. I'm not a combat pilot, but I feel like I gained enough experience with gauss to have an understanding of how they work, and to take better advantage of the increased mobility were I to switch into a Krait.

My princess is loosing the war already, having a third as many independant pilots dedicated to her cause (and her missles). Its disheartening, but concerning at the same time. In response I plan to spend an extra day in the system wracking up kills than I had origionally planned. I switched some modules out to shield reinforcements when I realized this service was offered at the outpost, and am no longer bleeding credits for repairs, so this prospect seems more sustainable. Still, once I start maxing out my Manufactured material stores I can find little desire to continue fighting for a loosing prospect.

Things that I learned during this expidition.
- Guardian shards have high numbers, but due to range and reload have trouble bringing those numbers to bear. Look better on paper than in practice.
- Similarly, hull reinforcement has better stats than shield reinforcement, but if you can keep yiur shields from failing its far less costly to the credit book. So, for low to moderate risk encounters, it might be preferable to stack some shield modules too.
- I don't particuarly enjoy combat in medium ships. It feels slow, and I end up dumping an entire clip trying to kill two ships.
- Targeting subsystems is tedious, but worth it to prevent your prey from escaping at 2%. Weapons with more module damage should thus be prioritised higher, especually on medium ships.
- Even if I'm not great at FA off, toggling it during turns is a nessisary skill if nothing else.

I find myself homesick for bubble space. I might end up canceling my trip to guardian ruins entirely and just flying back when I'm done with the war. I hear Robigo has a number of VIP passengers willing to pay through the nose for a decent transport, and it might be a nice rest from all the bloodshed.

Commander Belle out.
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