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Ta1onn / 24 May 3305
Meeting the spider

Hello again friends,

I started off in Martuuks' research lab, and decided that while I was there, I may as well try up upgrade my access. Of all the dumb things to be missing, it was Phosphorus... which is minable on planet... I'm on a planet, let's see what we can find. So I take myself out to orbit zone, scan the planet, and find a few hot spots, nose down and... hey, I manage to land on this forsaken rock without crashing. I mine for a while, then back to Martuuk, where I don't crash (again). I test my luck, but still can't quite gain grade 5 access. Oh well...

So then, to find the Dweller. I knew I needed to sell some goods to five different black markets, so I found some 'goods' - Imperial Slaves... how can it be ok to buy, ship and sell people like cargo?!?? I know if I don't do the job, someone else will, so I buy five slaves, and figure I can sell one per station at five stations and be done with this as quickly and cleanly as possible. After I buy them, I let them out to wander my cargo bay. I was shocked to find out that they were all slaves voluntarily. Their stories differed in the specifices, but they all had met a patch of financial trouble, and decided that slaving for a while was a better alternative than living on the drug ridden streets. When I thought of slaves, it was a much different scenario than that. I didn't feel quite so bad about myself after that, much better than selling narcotics that could ruin lives and even kill people. So I find the nearest stations and pop in to sell.

I, of course, knew the technicalities of smuggling, but had never done so myself (too much unsupervised time on the gal-net as a child). I lined up with the mail slot, dropped from supercruise, boosted, requested landing, then went dead silent. I rocketed through the slot, barely missing the edges, barely slowing down before the rear wall of the interior, and landed right as my ship began burning itself from the inside out. I sold one happy slave to one happy market contact apiece. It galled me to sell them at a loss, but it was finally over, and I was contacted by the Dweller.

I flew to his system, Wyrd. Is that pronounced word or wired... or weird? As I approached his station, Black Hide, everything begins to feel like a spider, drawing me into his web. I almost panic, imaging a sting operation, or worse, but force my nerves into order, and land on his odd double-moon system. As I enter the base, a short, kindly man with blue eyes greets me introduces himself as "The Dweller" and offers me tea... This is NOT what I had imagined at all. He chuckled, and said that many of his visitors get a bit spooked by all the trappings, but that just helps keep the riff-raff away so he can focus on his work. Speaking of focusing on his work, his fee is half a million credits, but that works just fine for me, as I'm still flush with my opal money. We'll see how far we can get with him, but it has certainly been an interesting day.

Signing off,
CMDR ta1onn
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