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Lestat Sinjiko / 24 May 3305
Sheriff's log 0001

I've docked at Ising Vision in Neto system, seems some of the factions here are having a bit of pirate trouble and most of the troops are out on patrol or haven't come on to their shift yet.

looking over the readout on each screen before taking a sip of tea

Seems I'm going out to fight on my own again today I'm doing a final outfitting change since Ram Tah finally sent over my damn plasma chargers and gauss cannons wonder if this so-called guardian tech lives up to the hype.

If not I will have to give the crazy engineer a piece of my mind, bad enough I had to wait three months for these weapons to begin with they better be worth it.


after many hours in the belts around ross 733 and 312 Pirates dead and scrapped. It's been a long ass night and some of the troops finally are showing up for patrol, time to put these slackers to work and no paid overtime for them either. On another note these new guardian weapons are doing alright the only drawbacks is the low ammo very annoying might have to outfit them on one of my smaller vessels they seem a bit too clunky still for use on The Jury after a smoke its time to put the boys through the ringer.
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CMDR Lestat Sinjiko
Enforcer / Freelancer
31 May 3305
Sheriff's log 0003
Lestat Sinjiko
27 May 3305
Sheriff's log 0002
Lestat Sinjiko
24 May 3305
Sheriff's log 0001
Lestat Sinjiko
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