Logbook entry

Loydman24 / 25 May 3305
Personal Log | 24 - May | Journey to the Depths and Back

Well Friends, it nearly cost me everything but I am proud to report that I am officially one of 17 people who have officially made it to the lowest reachable point in the galaxy. Had to have the Fuel Rats (thank you Alderion) bring me fuel, survive getting accidentally rammed by an orca, and make out of a near disastrous encounter with a neutron, but I did it. I then promptly had to make a bee-line back to Colonia to make repairs and drop off the 130 million worth of data at Dove Enigma where I currently am. If anything this experience has taught me that I may need to reconsider sacrificing some jump range for a second fuel tank if I'm gonna take chances like this again; and I definitely need to gather the materials to be able to injected boosted jumps.

But, for now I am gonna shut everything down and spend the next couple days here recovering from yet another near death experience (at this point i'm beginning to loose count of the times I've flirted with it) and then revising my plan on getting to Beagle Point before heading back out.

Well farewell for now,

o7 Cmdr Loydman
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