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Iconoclypse / 25 May 3305
Personal 3305-05-15 (2)

I did it!
FSM! Every hurdle feels like a life's work now though.

I'm exhausted.

And injured.

I got the 'grey box' comms router fitted and linked into the Hind's power grid. I sent my first new message (text attached) tonight at 21.00 and as far as I can tell it went fine. All without me setting foot in an airlock.

Which is all to the good because I doubt I could stand right now, much less go EVA. I lost most of my right hand, my right eye and half the flesh on the right side of my face, burned down to the bone in places. Good job I'm anosmic! Must smell like a barbecue where someone's shit themself in here.

I'd finished fitting the router and was heading back in when the ship started to realign for the next jump. The yaw meant the star caught a peek over the ship's edge and almost dislodged me. Miraculously I held on but I was flipped over, into the airlock (again, a minor miracle). The star caught the edge of my helmet just as the airlock automatically closed. With my palm still across the edge.

I've lost all my right fingers and half the palm. My elbow dislocated. Spiral breaks in both radius and ulna, with two minor fractures of the humerus and the tricep sheared from the torsion - a lovely compound avulsion fracture (I had to cut my flightsuit off.). My right eye burned away in a fraction of a second and my right cheek and right side of my jaw are flayed, albeit cauterised. I dosed myself to the max so I could get tonight's message out.

Shock still hovering though.

Supplies are getting very low now. Reserve air is all but depleted and the Remlok has likely had it.

I've had better days.

With any luck my wingmates are on their way. But at least I can send comms on Wednesdays without EVA. Just as well considering the shape I'm in. Fuck me it hurts.

(Transferred from P20x).

Message to DRX Command Suite, Asimov, OUM. 3305-05-15 21:00

"Hi there, me again. Sorry I missed last week folks. I really hope you're getting these messages in bottles. It's all I've got right now.

So how am I? Well I have good news and bad. The good news is the Hind still hits stars occasionally. Yeah, that's my good news. It's given me a couple of opportunities to go EVA without heading out into Witchspace. Of course I've still been limited because I had to work shadowside. I'd have fried otherwise. The upshot is that I was able to get my shit together early today. I had torn apart the SRV last week and built a remote relay, which I was able to attach to the comm array. That's means I can attach my riders from inside the ship. No rush, no lottery of what the orientation will be at 2100.

Everything should be fine and dandy, Jack.

However, in addition to my worsening rad sickness I've incurred some injuries. After fitting the remote the Hind had rebooted and was starting to right itself for the next jump. But as I was re-embarking the star's rays skimmed the ship's edge near the rear hatch. Half my helmet's ablative armour went instantly and I was almost thrown from the ship. My right hand caught in the closing hatch and I managed to swing myself in just before it slammed. What I wasn't able to do was retract my hand in time. My elbow had dislocated when I was swung over and it got trapped. I've lost most of my right hand. Glove's nano seals shut it off at the wrist. I lost some blood though that could have been worse. And I also lost my right eye. I'm lucky. I should be dead by now. Fucking pain's gonna kill me though. Been trying to fight through shock since it happened. Remlok' s almost completely wrecked now too. If I don't go back into stasis I'll be able to do maybe two more trips outside. Hopefully I won't need to cos that's gonna be extra fun with one hand and no depth perception. Just gotta hope the remote relay  
I lashed together holds. FFS!  
So the good news, well it appears the Hind's automated hopper emptying didn't work last few times the SRV was stowed nor when the Hind dockad at Asimov. The upshot of which is I was able to effect some canopy repairs. Up from 47% to 74% so either the job's a good un or I simply managed to wire the status panel digits the wrong way round. Of course every silver lining has a shitty black cloud in it. This time it's the FSD. Down to 48%.

Final piece of news I'm not sure whether it's good or bad. The recent star twattings have meant I've got some sense of where I am. Brace yourselves DRX. I'm almost certain I'm on the Eta Carina arm. And that I just passed from the Sleeping Sea into Acheron. That was as of about two days ago. More precisely than that I won't be able to figure unless I continue having a bumpy ride.

I've got nothing else. Running on empty now.

Icon out."
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