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J.Bauer / 01 Jun 3305
WK5: Critical System Crashes at Planet Surface

We arrived at Phrio Byoe DX-S d4-786 on May 25, 3305, 11:44:58 PM. High metal content planet B 6 was discovered 242,031 ls from the star 786 A. EDSM estimated a surface scan value of 1,708,506 cr. The USNS Chicago set course for B 6 to map the planet's surface. Upon scanning planet B 6 seven geological sites were identified, and the first site was selected for landing.

The planet had a surface temperature 231 K and surface gravity of 1.28 G. Iron magma lava spouts were visually identified at the geological site. All non-essential systems were shut down and the crew prepared to make camp at the survey location.

Approximately four hours later, preparations were made for launch. Lift off was successful and the USNS Chicago moved to break mass lock. The frame shift drive was initiated and the crew prepared to jump into supercruise. The FSD timer counted down to zero and a critical system failure occurred crashing all ship systems. CMDR Bauer performed a hard system reboot to initialize the ships thrusters and deploy the landing gear to perform a manual landing. Flight assist and system sensors remained unavailable. The USNS Chicago impacted the planet with minimal damage.

After reboot all systems responded with healthy checks. After a visual inspection of all systems, the crew prepared for a second supercruise jump. The USNS Chicago climbed to 100km and initiated the FSD. Upon the FSD timer reaching zero all systems failed. CMDR Bauer was able to reboot all systems and land the USNS Chicago safely. Flight log and system crash reports were generated and transmitted to Frontier Systems.

Systems engineering review suspected heavy planetary magnetic field interference may have caused the ship's Horizons planetary landing software to catastrophically fail. Horizons control software was disabled and the ship was flown into low planetary orbit. All systems reported checks good and the USNS Chicago initiated the FSD and the crew prepared for hyperspace jump. The FSD successfully initialized and performed a test jump.

Given the sensitive information already aboard the USNS Chicago, planetary landings are to be restricted until the ship arrives at Colonia.

This morning the USNS Chicago arrived at waypoint 7, and will begin navigation to waypoint 8, WEPUA SF-E D12-3069 in the afternoon. WEPUA SF-E D12-3069 is 77 jumps from our current location.

CMDR J.Bauer signing off.

WaypointSystemX-coordinateY-coordinateZ-coordinateEstimated ArrivalActual Arrival
0Start-1139-163578May 4, 3305
1SKUEQIAE JG-W C18-0-2080-10358668May 11, 3305May 11, 3305, 4:26:16
2THUECHO UH-L C24-17-3021-20553759May 18, 3305May 15, 3305 1:02:42
3SWUENOE VA-G B2-0-3963-30748849May 25, 3305May 18, 3305, 6:26:15
4GRU FLYI PO-Y D1-4-4904-40943940June 1, 3305May 22, 3305, 2:54:22
5GOOREIA HE-Y B18-15-5845-51139030June 8, 3305May 25, 3305, 6:12:00
6PHROEA BLOU ZV-D B29-18-6786-61334121May 30, 3305May 27, 3305, 4:40:27
7SCAULOU JQ-U A77-0-7727-71529211June 4, 3305June 1, 3305, 13:43:08
8WEPUA SF-E D12-3069-8669-81724302June 9, 3305
9Colonia-9530-91019808June 14, 3305
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