Logbook entry

Dadnik / 26 May 3305
Cleaning out the shed - Or Engineering

The only person happy with today's activities is the wife.  All the garbage collecting in the Shed at Kairi was finally traded for necessary upgrades.  The Chieftain crossing the galaxy to get properly fitted for it's upcoming fight with the aliens. The bits and pieces of long destroyed pirates finally put to good use.

The Xenocrat now sports deep hulls, strong shields and engines faster than anything else in the fleet. Flies like a stunt ship. A silly pirate attempted to attack on the way back from the last engineer and both the shields and weapons performed brilliantly. I am almost tempted to take this little ship bounty hunting, but that would dishonour its purpose. It is alien scum that it is meant to hunt.

Tonight I return to Jameson's Memorial, to gather the fleet and ready for the fight. The passenger ship will be stripped of its luxury cabins, fitted for station rescue. Our pride. the cutter Trade Surplus will be converted to cargo, to ferry the medical supplies needed and the valiant Xenocrat will travel along, ready to defend out stations from the vile alien attack.
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