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AustralianChaos / 28 May 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 06

May 22-28, 3305
Days: 10-16
Colonia Work

Well, I had intended on doing a couple of journals over the course of my time here in Colonia to perhaps give updates on how things were moving, but I decided against it at the last minute, and figured this one journal summarising the working stopover would be better, especially since it ended up being a lot shorter, simpler, and more straightforward than I expected. I’ve actually spent most of the week here resting and relaxing.

Still, it hasn’t all been fun and games. My first stop at Jaques Station was the shipyard, to get a craft to do the variety of Colonia work in. I had originally considered something small, maybe a Viper IV or a Cobra. Adding a second Python to my collection had also been considered, though I try not to double up on the same model of ship. Like the idea of taking several different ones out for a spin. In the end, I settled on a choice I hadn’t considered until I arrived...so say hello to my new Krait II...the Topaz Tempest!

I must admit, at first I was less than impressed with her...but as I’ve done the needed work and unlocked the various engineers here for modifications, along with remembering that out this far from the Bubble the high-end modules are nowhere to be found, she’s turned into a reliable workhorse. Nothing overly special, but able to mine, haul, and fight with reasonable competency. A classic jack of all trades, which is exactly what I wanted, really.

In any case, after collecting the Tempest, I sold off all my existing cartographical data, which easily made up for the cost of the Tempest and her modules. It also gave me some good reputation with several of the local factions, which is nice, knowing there’ll be friendly faces waiting for me whenever I come back after this. From there, it was down to business to unlock the services of the local engineers. Mining, hauling, bounty hunting, the works. Each one helping push the Tempest further each time as more modifications took hold.

And after only a couple days work, it’s done. I have total access to all four engineers and their services. Which means that, thanks to their remote access services, I now have the ability to fully engineer all the core modules of any ship, along with a few of the key optional ones like shields and a few weapons. I’ll be busy upon returning from this journey sourcing materials and putting the money gained to heavy use.

Tomorrow, I will leave Colonia, and head out beyond colonised space, deep into the black, with Beagle Point as my next major stop. I have a few waypoints to pass on the way there, mostly nebula I’m curious to fly through. My journal logs may slow down significantly from this point, barring any unusual sights or random observations I decide to make. See you all at the edge of the galaxy!

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
28/05/3305 1200
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