Logbook entry

Scubadog / 28 May 3305
Prepping For A Memorial

Eight days ago, we lost one of our Silverbacks: Draco-cdn. It was totally unexpected, not some protracted battle with an illness. But we are Silverbacks for good reason. We're seasoned, we've been places, done things, seen things. We have weathered the challenges, the highs and lows, that life throws at us. We are well-worn leather. Sadly, it's always tough when one day you're running missions with a wingman and then you get radio silence days after. Then comes the message you never expected...that he's gone.

Draco was a good guy, a leader. He developed a particular set of skills that fit well with The Silverbacks and our over-arching philosophy. He was a good bughunter, without a doubt. And he will be missed. And, so, many of us have chosen to memorialize him through the re-naming of a ship or addition of one bearing a name honoring him. While the Federation Corvette was his weapon-of-choice, I already have one, and I felt I'd rather acquire a new ship specifically for this purpose. I took the Sidewinder Express back to the core systems, spent some time ranking up with the Empire, and purchased an Imperial Clipper. Deviating slightly from my tradition of naming all my ships after The Ceti Fox, but using different languages for the word "Fox", I have christened this new ship The Ceti Draco, ship ID CFX777.

I will be working diligently to complete all the engineering and Guardian upgrades in short order so that I can meet up with the other Silverbacks to do some bughunting in honor of Draco-cdn. I suck at it, but it will be glorious, nonetheless.

See you in the black, Commander Draco!
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