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Kezika / 28 May 3305
War and Debts

A few weeks back I happened across a hiring opportunity for an Imperial Slave, Skye Mueller from Topaz in the Ayethi system, that happened to be a former Type-9 pilot for a mining company. I have been in need of a new ship steward since my prior one finished her term of service upon my return from Distant Worlds 2. This is additionally wonderful by having the benefit that she can operate the remote fighters for my prisoner transportation ship!

So I made the hire, which she was happy about as well as she could learn further piloting skills while under my service. That so far has been a rousing success! Just two weeks ago when I hired her she was rated as Harmless by the Pilot's Federation in combat, which makes sense for a former cargo hauler pilot. Now she is rated Novice!

Shortly after hiring her and outfitting my new Faulcon DeLacy Krait Mk II, we hopped on the Zende Partner's megaship ferry to Guardian space to acquire Guardian antiquities. By sheer luck Segnen Exchange decided to open an outpost there as well which was met with undue hostility by Zende Partners. Skye got in her fair share of flights in combat detail in and around Synuefe EN-H d11-96. During the course of that she made enough confirmed kills to be granted the rank of Mostly Harmless by the Pilot's Federation.

After two days assisting Segnen Exchange in that conflict, we received correspondence from out allied Simbad Regime that hostilities were breaking out between them and House of Kahn in En Kunthurs space. In response we headed back that way, made some optimizations to the equipment on the Type-10 and began assisting in Simbad Regime's efforts in En Kunthur's space against House of Khan. In our first encounter she earned enough confirmed kills to be promoted to the rank of Novice by the Pilot's Federation.
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