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Badpenny Belle / 28 May 3305
CMDR Log: V.I.Ps (or) Royals Are Strange People

Personal log: 05/28/3305

Robigo was good to me. Filled out my stores of some proprietary manufactured materials, got some explorer credit with the Pilot's Fed, and picked up a cool billion in credits while I was at it. To be fair, I didn't need to stay there that long, I was able to finagle some conductive components out of Sirius Corp fairly early, but I had just had an overhaul to by stearing control system, and it was good practice using the new equipment I had fitted.

In the... weird... end of things, a pair of V.I.Ps I was hauling over to Sirius Atmo yesterday and I got to talking on our way. It seemed a pleasant enough conversation to me, a fun way to pass the time, but it was apparently a bit more than that to them. So like, apparently they are the royal family in some bumpkinville nowhere of the Empire, in fact. And worse, they, quite explicitly, have offered to adopt me. ME. A thirty *cough* year old pilot they met outside the civilized bubble of space.

It's an open invitation, if I want it I, apparently, only need to send them word. But one would think that, especually after hearing about my (mis) management of the Dutchy I was granted, they would have known better. Ah well, what is life without its little suprises here and there I guess.
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