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Ta1onn / 30 May 3305
I fought the law...

First, I spent a few more days gathering guardian "leftovers" but that gets old, so I decided to head back and spend some of that cargo (plus, I was running out of room for some of it). I needed some HN Shock Mounts, so I hopped back to the bubble, grabbed a few, found a guardian broker, and unlocked my FSD Booster. I then looked at my available space, and I either had to drop my cargo (which I still need), swap my fuel scoop for a size 3 (not gonna happen any time soon), or just get a size 3 booster. Well, it still adds 7.75 LY to my jump, and I'll take it. With that in place, I made my first >50 LY jump, and that made me happy... we're slowly getting there.

Anyway, since I was back near humanity, I decided to finish up what I started with Zac Nemo (last I left off, I was the whipping boy for Party of Yoru). When I left, I was ready for to meet him, but now they wanted one last job out of me. The only good looking job was a Data Recovery job, it sounded easy. Fly somewhere, scan something, come home... It mentioned that it may be considered illegal, but figured it wouldn't be that bad. I was wrong.

I jumped out to the system, scanned the Nav Beacon, flew to the planet, started flying to the destination (which kept moving), and landed. Once I landed, I hopped in the SRV, and started trundling towards the base, and suddenly there was a red wall, and skimmers started swarming me. Well, I was in it now, I couldn't turn down the mission, so I grit my teeth and pressed on. The skimmers started firing, I returned fire, and instantly, bam, bounty. Now, a ship dropped in from orbit and started shooting my SRV and my ship. Well, I scanned my target and got the heck out of there, I docked with my ship, and boosted out of there. By that time, the base turrets had started firing, my shields were down, and I was taking damage. Luckily, I finally hit supercruise, and off I went. When I got back to the station, I made sure to smuggle my way in, just in case the cops decide to grab me, and I turned in my dirty mission.

That unlocked Zac, but first, I was going to do my time. I turned myself in, served my time and paid my fine. Then, off to Zac. I ran his mission, and grabbed his Xihe Companions... some people are weird...

Anyway, I'll meet him soon.

The moral of the story is fly straight... or don't.

-CMDR ta1onn
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